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What can you do on this site.

  • Report your job searching activity to your provider.

  • Report your work hours to your provider.

  • Create resumes and cover letters using online tools. Send them to your provider for comments and advice.

  • Online resume checker - Check your resume before you submit it online.

  • Access major job search sites all in one place.

  • Links directly to company career pages.

  • Videos to help you prepare for interviews and other work readiness strategies.

  • Over 100 videos.

  • Over 800 links.

  • Links to community and support services.

  • Links to online training and other education options.

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What We Offer

Job Seekers

Take control of your job searching activity. Over 800 links to sites and services to overcome barriers and find employment. Report your activity to your provider. Write resumes, practice interview skills. Job search 24/7 and send your activity to your consultant.

Job Service Providers

This resource puts the information your staff require at their fingertips therefore increasing productivity. Your staff can work closer with job seekers who can report their activity to your employment consultant. Automate your service.


Caseload getting bigger? Everything you need to make your role easier and all in one place. Use the online chat feature (registration required) to engage with your caseload. Look at jobs at the same time as your job seeker. When you finish copy and paste the chat as your evidence.

Compliance Officers

Receive case notes about a job seekers activity directly from the job seeker, is there a better way to get accurate case notes. Engaging through the website gives your consutants another method of contact.


The owners of this website would like to thank Dr Karel deLaat for his permission
to publish his podcasts and Business Tips to help Australian Job Seekers achieve their goals.

Dr Karel deLaat - Organisational Psycologist

Karel de Laat, CSC, RFD
BA, Dip Psych (UQ), M Litt.(UNE) PhD (UNSW)
Karel de Laat has been dedicated to organization and career development throughout his lengthy career in Organisational Psychology.
Since founding de Laat & Co in 1983, Karel's strategy has always been one of developing and recognising the individual within the organisation structure and making the return on investment for the organisation and the individual totally rewarding.

Hints for Personal Success

The owners of this website would like to thank Paulette Steele for her permission
to publish her blog, to help Australian Job Seekers achieve their goals.

Educating you from beginning to end of getting a job.
Covering all aspects of obtaining a job:

♦ Where to look for a job
♦ Handling the application process
♦ Researching and preparing for the interview
♦ Having a good social media presence
♦ Mastering the actual interview
♦ Following up after the interview
♦ Negotiating salary and how to handle counter offers
♦ 'Putting the right foot forward’ when commencing a new job


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