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The owners of this website would like to thank Dr Karel deLaat for his permission
to publish his podcasts and Business Tips to help Australian Job Seekers achieve their goals.

Dr Karel deLaat - Organisational Psycologist

Karel de Laat, CSC, RFD
BA, Dip Psych (UQ), M Litt.(UNE) PhD (UNSW)
Karel de Laat has been dedicated to organization and career development throughout his lengthy career in Organizational Psychology.
Since founding de Laat & Co in 1983, Karel's strategy has always been one of developing and recognizing the individual within the organization structure and making the return on investment for the organization and the individual totally rewarding.

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Older Workers

Legislation has been introduced to prevent discrimination in employment on a range of characteristics.
One of the most significant of these is age.

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Bad Tourism Merchandising

In travelling to a function, I experienced a not-so- joyous taxi cab ride through a city area. The cab itself had set the mood because it was dirty, smelly and in a very poor state of repair. Pieces were falling off the seat, the speaker from the radio was hanging out.

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Beware Of Subliminal Messages

Many organisations have been putting together fairly complex and expensive promotional material, but failing to achieve their goals. Several reasons why became abundantly clear to me recently after receiving a follow up call to a promotional newsletter from a marketing organisation..

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Baseball Bat Management

With all the advances in human resource management and constant discussion about new techniques, one does not expect to hear stories about large companies treating their employees poorly..

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Are They Motivated To Manage?

Many years ago I conducted an exercise with seventeen managers and gave them a special test that I used to assess how motivated they were towards a management career as opposed to continuing to specialise in operations.

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Career Change Dilemma

A colleague, whom I had not seen for many years, was speaking about the difficulty of changing careers when a fair degree of progress had already been made in one area. This is not an uncommon dilemma.

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